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dgh-art-updatesDie „General Public License“ kurz GPL steht als Symbol für den Geist einer freien Gesellschaft in der gemeinsamer Fortschritt zum Wohle der Allgemeinheit an erster Stelle steht.

Danke ! big thnx for your support :

Linux Foundation
Ubuntu (OS)
„kate“ „gedit“
„Inkscape“ (SVG – Skalierbare Vektor Grafiken)
„theGIMP“ (GNU Image Manipulation Program) were „code is poetry
Pinboard Theme by onedesigns

„The theme is released under GPL. Feel free and encouraged to use, modify and redistribute it however you like.

We hope you will find great use for this theme. Please let us know how it has made your life easier by dropping us a comment in the box below. Happy blogging!“

Thnx, we will 🙂